Medic Infusion

Medic Infusion PA began 20 years ago. Medic infusion provides comprehensive medical services.  Dr. Tetyana Metyk  MD is a board certified Internal Medicine physician.  She treats most medical conditions including hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, lung disease, arthritis, thyroid difficulties and many more.

Dr Michael Metyk DPM is a podiatrist treating the most common to complex foot conditions including diabetic nail care, ingrown nails, heel spurs, diabetic wound, corns calluses and foot surgery. 

We can more conveniently serve you with an on premise laboratory capable of performing most medical laboratory tests, including cardiac stress testing.  We also provide state of the art weight loss care, regenerative medicine with laser enhanced prp injections, botox injections and filler treatments, as well as body contouring. Our Goal at Medic Infusion PA. Is to make you healthy, feeling and looking your best through time tested and innovative methods.  

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Thank You, 

Dr. Tetyana Metyk MD & Dr. Michael Metyk DPM

Dr. Michael Metyk
Dr. Michael Metyk
Dr. Tetyana Metyk
Dr. Tanya Metyk